Here is what two home sellers had to say about their experience working with the Carbutti Realtors.


Joe and Tiffany Piacentini recently had a great experience selling their house with the Carbutti Realtors. Here’s what they had to say in their own words.

“We sold it in less than 24 hours for $5,000 over asking. We’d put our house on the market in November 2019; we didn’t have the right price point. We asked for some advice from another company […], and they weren’t giving us any advice that we were asking for. We ended up dropping the price and still didn’t get any action. No one was interested in our house. We tried staging it ourselves—still nothing. […] We decided we needed a big change.”

“In the end, their result was better than they could have expected.”

So what change did they make? Well, Tiffany had heard about the Carbutti Realtors from one of our commercials and decided that we were who they were going to trust to bring their transaction around.

 “That was the best decision ever,” she said. “He answered the phone on the first ring, which was awesome. […] We talked for like 20 minutes and I was so reassured.

“We made an appointment, and they showed up so prepared—nothing like the last company we worked with. […] We were so educated after that first appointment. It was so nice to finally have somebody walk through our house and give us some ideas about what to do.”

They were so pleased with the professional stager we brought in to help them make their home look its very best. “It was such a transformation—just some simple updates at low cost. People really noticed our house after having that done.”

In the end, their result was better than they could have expected.“Our home went on sale on a Friday; it went from the listing price of $239,000 to being sold for $5,000 more.”

If you have any questions or need professional assistance with selling your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Carbutti Realtors. We’re here to help you find real estate success.