Welcome to my town of Wallingford, Connecticut.

Since I grew up here, Wallingford is very special to me. I’m raising a family here, my business is here, and I also think that it’s one of the best-kept secrets in all of Connecticut.

I have never been in a community that comes together more than Wallingford does. We’re probably the largest non-metropolitan chamber in the state, and that’s because of the businesses and people who live here.

It’s an aesthetically beautiful town. With the historic architecture here, walking around the center of Wallingford is like walking in the park. I believe we have better restaurants in such a close proximity than any other surrounding town.

We have a surprising amount of open and rural space available. Yes, we have many thriving shops and restaurants in the downtown area, but when you go to the outskirts of Wallingford, we have so many things: vineyards, open country, hiking trails, and trout fishing stocked by the state of Connecticut.

The public school system of Wallingford is fabulous; we have a great superintendent, and they’re constantly coming up with fresh ideas and bringing the latest, cutting-edge classes to our town.

“Welcome to my town of Wallingford, Connecticut.”

A little-known fact about Wallingford: We have one of the most prestigious private high schools in whole country, called Choate Rosemary Hall. It’s larger than most college campuses, and a lot of famous public figures, actors, and past presidents have attended this school.

Another draw to our town is our 69,000 square foot public library. You haven’t seen a public library and the resources they offer until you’ve stepped foot in the Wallingford Public Library.

We’re also drawing in a lot of new businesses, down to mom-and-pop sandwich shops like The Eatery; independent bakeries like Allyssa’s Cakery; and we even have brew houses like Front Porch Brewery, Cliffside Brewing, and the New England Cider Company.

Wallingford has not one, but two vineyards: the rolling, 120-acre Gouveia Vineyards, and the smaller Paradise Hills vineyard. They’re both unique in their own right, and they’re even within walking distance of each other.

Wallingford is conveniently located  between New Haven and Hartford. If you’re a professional whose job takes you all over the place, you can get anywhere in the state from our town within 20 minutes, thanks to our brand-new train station with a high-speed line to Hartford, Springfield, and Boston.

There’s a wide variety of housing for everybody here, from antique homes built in 1776 to large mansions up on Turnberry Road that overlook the vineyard. We have excellent affordability, even for first-time homebuyers, upgrade buyers, and new construction buyers. People are constantly surprised by how much home they can get for their money, compared with surrounding towns.

Thank you for taking the time to tour our town. If you have any questions about Wallingford, please reach out to me. I’d love to discuss what my hometown has to offer.