We’re excited to highlight one of our favorite Wallingford breweries today.

For today’s Small Business Spotlight, I’m pleased to introduce one of my favorite breweries here in Wallingford, CT: Center Street Brewing Company.

Co-Owner and Director of Brewing Operations Peter Ford welcomed us to learn more about his business and his background. His education was primarily in biology and chemistry, and he graduated from the American Brewers Guild and decided he wanted to open a brewer of his own. 

Peter has lived here in Wallingford for 33 years and it’s a town he loves being a part of. People are passionate about where they live, the community has been very supportive, and it’s a great representation of what Wallingford is. There are vibrant groups of all ages that come out for the Friday concerts and local restaurant tours at Center Street Brewing Company.

“Vibrant groups of all ages visit Center Street Brewing Company.”

Their philosophy on brewing is that they’re committed to making all different kinds of beers. Part of the enjoyment of brewing to Peter is the challenge of making an IPA vs. a lager vs. a sour beer. At any given time, there are 10 of their own beers on tap. Peter’s favorite is the Lucky #19 English-style bitter, which is named after his two sons.

To learn even more about Center Street Brewing Company and Peter’s journey, watch the video in its entirety above.

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