What to know about our New Haven and Fairfield County markets this fall.

Buyer confidence is still strong in New Haven and Fairfield County heading into the fall market. Our homes are still selling; most are selling at full price, with many still being sold for over the asking price. Some buyers in the marketplace may have noticed a slight fluctuation in the interest rates, but rest assured that rates are still very low.

The alternative to not buying a home is renting rather than building equity and owning a house for yourself. Currently, New Haven County’s average monthly rent is about $2,550. 

Many frustrated homebuyers have remained in the marketplace for three months, six months, or even a year and have been losing out on properties in multiple-offer situations. Luckily, I’m pleased to share that one of our buyer’s agents got their last three clients offers accepted, even in multiple-offer situations.

If you’re a frustrated buyer in the marketplace, we would love to share some strategies that our agents are using to get our client’s offers accepted. Reach out to us via phone or visit our website if you have any questions or want to speak with us. We look forward to hearing from you.