To get a visual understanding of all of what Branford, Connecticut, has to offer you, follow along in the video above.

Branford is a vibrant shoreline community with about 20 miles of coastline and a dynamic downtown green. Downtown Brandford and the green is really a hub for people who want to hang out at coffee shops, try local foods, purchase flowers, and give patronage to the local businesses. Here, they can walk at the leisure to purchase a cup of coffee and relax on the town green.

All that is located on just one side of the green. On the other side, you can find historic buildings like churches, the town hall, and the courthouse. In the summer, the green hosts jazz concerts and other activities. There’s just a really cool energy down here.

Melanie, a visitor to Branford, says that she and her kids love to come to the town green where it’s safe to play, sit, and relax.

Local resident and business owner Nicole says, “It’s really great! I always knew I wanted to open a business, and I knew I wanted it to be on the green because of the foot traffic. If you’re here in the summer, I’d say you absolutely should visit the beaches, which are great for the kids.

“If you’re looking for something a bit more educational, the Blackstone Library is phenomenal—my kids love it. The schools are great, and the Recreation Department has so many different programs to offer.”

“Even though Branford is considered a beach community, it’s surprisinglyaffordable for first-time homebuyers.”

With just a short walk from the town green, you can reach Indian Neck, which has some great private residences and second homes within walking distance to a private beach.

Branford is home to the Owenego Inn Beach & Tennis Club, which was once a popular resort in the early 1900s and is now a popular beach destination for weddings and other events.

Just around the corner is Lenny’s restaurant. Overlooking a beautiful marsh setting, it’s very popular with the locals, and people drive from all over to try the steamers and other fresh seafood. You can sit out on the back deck and enjoy both the scenery and their jazz nights, which take place every Thursday.

Branford has also jumped on the brewery scene. The Stoney Creek Brewery is right around the corner from the town green; they have a beautiful indoor tasting area, and the brewery is right on an ocean setting. You could sit outside and have a couple of beers while enjoying the view, or even host an office party.

Even though Branford is considered a beach community, it’s surprisinglyaffordable for first-time homebuyers. There are many options for condos and single-family homes under $300,000, depending on where you’re looking and the size of the homes. Upgrade buyers looking for a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom with a master bedroom suite will also find an affordable array of choices. Additionally, Branford is in one of the lowest tax brackets compared to the surrounding communities. This fantastic bedroom community is about 10 or 15 minutes from downtown New Haven, and has an accessible train line that leads into Metro North and New York City.

If you have any questions about Branford’s real estate market or other general questions, please reach out to me. I would be happy to speak with you and provide even more reasons to look into this gorgeous community.